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Recently, when Kurinda fell ill, Bisoke’s concern for her mom was apparent. She was constantly by Kurinda’s side, especially while the group was moving throughout the day. Thankfully, Kurinda has since made a full recovery, and Bisoke is surely relieved to have her mom back to full strength. It was an early test for Bisoke during this new stage of life, and she handled it quite well. 

Bisoke may have taken the next steps into her “teenage” years, but she still loves to play, especially with her best friends, Umwihariko and Iyamaree. She is a skilled climber and is frequently found in the trees, swinging from vine to vine. It’s quite an impressive sight! 


 Dian Fossey pitched her tent in the Virunga mountains between Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi, establishing her world-renowned research center, which she named Karisoke.